Here are some of the latest developments in our favorite Facebook farm applications.  I recently wrote a blog on Farm Town or FarmVille.  In the blog I mentioned that Farm Town had twice as many required clicks for harvesting.  It appears that Harvesting in Farm Town has improved.

Faster harvest option

Faster harvest option

Improved harvesting User Interface in Farm Town

They have added a Faster harvesting option.  In the past you would take 2 clicks for each field you wanted to harvest.  You would click to select the field, then you would click to sell or click to store the harvested crop.

Now, after you select a crop to harvest and a method (sell or store) you are presented with this dialog.  Asking if you want to use this option for the rest of the session.  This is already making the harvesting more fun.

One thing is still missing, you can’t queue up the harvesting.  You still have to do it one field at a time.  So, when you measure this against FarmVille, they both take approximately the same number of clicks.

FarmVille Hot Air Balloon

FarmVille Hot Air Balloon

Special Weekend Balloon Sale

While we were working one of the FarmVille properties there was a notice that said a Hot Air Balloon was available during the weekend.  We jumped right on that opportunity to have a really cool decoration for the farm.

Networking at it’s best

When there are features that have been added or special purchase items in your favorite application, it’s always nice to know that your friends are looking out for you and will let you know that these opportunities exist.  I’ve shared these with you, now share this information with your friends.

Happy Farming !!!