The other day I wrote a post titled “Google Calendar does SMS Reminders.”  I was excited about setting up events and letting Google Calendar remind you via text message at predetermined times before the event occurs.  I really love the fact that you can setup several reminders before the event occurs.  I’m already using it to remind me of appointments, but I discovered an unusual application for this tool.

I only play three Facebook Applications; FarmTown, FarmVille, and Cafe World.  These games provide a little entertainment and some friendly competition between neighbors.  However, there has been some frustration involved with trying to play these games when you have a very busy schedule. 

Old Strategy:  For the farm games, I usually plant a crop that takes 2 or 3 days to grow.  In Cafe World, I usually select a dish that takes 1 or 2 days to cook.  This strategy works most of the time when I have a normal schedule.  But when life gets crazy, time seems to disappear without a trace.  By the time I remember to visit the farm the crop has gone to waste.  When I remember to get back to the Cafe the food has spoiled and flies are buzzing around the pots and pans.

New Strategy: My strategy has changed a little.  Now after I plant the crops or select a dish to cook, I set a Google Calendar Event with reminders to let me know when I need to harvest my crops or serve up my dishes.

It has brought the fun back into playing these games again.