Who would have thought that a simple Facebook application like Farm Town would encourage Social Networking.

Here are some subtle ways it happens:

  • It encourages healthy competition and cooperation between generations
  • It encourages neighborly kindness. As you visit a relative’s farm you might notice they need to harvest their fields.  You can send them a message about the status of their farm; like , “Hey, your crops need to be harvested.”
  • Sharing pictures of your farm let’s your neighbor’s of all generations see what you’ve been up to.
  • Sharing tips about things you’ve learned in Farm Town and how it will help them too.
  • Encourages listening – Sometimes, the younger generation has useful things to share with you too.
  • Sharing the work load.  If you need help harvesting or plowing, you can hire younger or older generations to help you.  Sometimes, hiring your younger network members to help you harvest or plow is almost like being there working together.  You can always chat while you’re getting things done together.
  • It provides common ground for everybody in your network.  You have more things in common and more things to talk about.
  • The biggest thing is it encourages communication between all ages from youngster to older members of your network.

If you’ve been receiving all these gifts and invitations from Farm Town, you should consider giving it a shot.  Especially if you have received the invitation from a relative from another generation.  It will give you a chance to strengthen ties with common experiences.  Even if they are virtual.  You never now how much of an impact you can have on each other in the future.

Happy farming.  Spend time having fun and building Social Networks with other generations.