I don’t know when was the last time you moved home.  For me it was many years ago.  Recently, I helped friends move.  It would have been a terrible experience without these tools.

Best tools for moving

  • Movers’ dolly (aka furniture dolly) – for moving really heavy things. As long as they have a good solid surface underneath, this is the workhorse for most movers
  • Forearm forklift – http://www.forearmforklift.com/ I learned about this product a few years ago, when I received a new refrigerator.  The delivery guys, walked in with the refrigerator, not using your appliance dolly, but using the Forearm forklift.  If the furniture isn’t too heavy and kind of tall, the forearm forklift might just do the trick for you.
  • Appliance dolly – for moving things like refrigerators, washers & dryers

Any time I help someone move, they usually have the appliance dolly.  I bring the forearm forklift and a couple of movers’ dollies to make my life easier.  About the only thing that movers’ dollies and Forearm forklift or appliance dollies don’t work on are big bulky furniture such as couches.  I’m still looking for a solution to that one.  I’m planning to check out the Shoulder Dolly http://www.shoulderdolly.com/ in the future.  It looks like it might be easier to use than the forearm forklift.