What’s on your USB drive?  Many people have their entire life on their USB drives – contracts, proposals, resume.  What would happen if your USB drive was destroyed or got into the wrong hands?  Many times each day we take our technology for granted. 

That used to be the case with me until recently when I lost mine without knowing it.  Many USB drives have a little ring that attaches to your keyring.  It gives everybody a false sense of security.  It will stay on your keyring right?  Unfortunately, the stock ring they include with the Cruzer is not made to stand up to the punishment most people dish out when they handle their keys.

How do I know?  The other day, I discovered my USB drive sitting on the ground next to my car.  It had to have been sitting there for at least 24 hours.  I’m lucky it was only mangled a little bit.

It appears that the USB drive somehow came off my keys and landed on the ground.  Then it was stepped on or rolled over by a heavy object.  Possibly a car.  The slider used to extend the USB plug does not seem to be functional either.

So, if the ring isn’t really designed to fit on a keyring, how are we going to keep it safe and handy?  One solution is a protective enclosure that will hold the USB drive.  The image on the left shows a USB drive carrier that attaches to a keyring or other leash mechanism.  It keeps 2 USB drives safe and secure. 

 Inside the case are two pockets that hold each USB drive snuggly so they don’t go anywhere.  Inside the case you can see a PNY USB drive that I plan to use for my mobile storage needs.  I’m hoping – after some minor technical procedures – I will be able to transfer the data from the beat-up Cruzer to the PNY 4GB drive.