The other day, I planned to replace the front disc brake pads on one of our cars.  The procedure is a relatively painless one.  With the right tools, it can be performed in less than an hour.  The key is having the tools on hand when you need them. 

I started by chocking the wheels so they wouldn’t roll while I worked on the car, then I jacked up the car & removed the tires.  Everything was going according to plan until I discovered that some of my tools had been borrowed.  When I asked about the missing tools.  The answer was oh, yeah, so and so borrowed them the other day.  Didn’t I tell you about that?

Fortunately, I still had some tools to use.  They weren’t my first choice, but they were functional enough to help me complete the job.

Some lessons learned:

  • The tools on hand affect how quickly you can do the job (some tools work better than others)
  • Never assume the tools will be where you last put them (if others have access to your tools)
  • Make sure you have all the tools you need before you begin your job
  • Alternate tools can still help get the job done

Till next time, I’m getting my tools ready for the next job 😉