I recently joined a blogging community called Problogger.com.  This is a group of bloggers that range in experience full time proffesional bloggers to bloggers who are just starting out.

There is a section in the Problogger forum to invite fellow bloggers critique your blog, so you can improve and produce a higher quality blog.  The feedback I received was very enlightening and provided me with several action items to help my blog improve.  Everyone who commented about my blog was very helpful.  I plan over the next couple of days to address those issues and then try again.  Hopefully, everyone will agree with the changes I make.

My first change everybody might have already noticed.  If you are reading this post, you either landed directly on this page from a referral on another sight or you arrived here through the front page.  If you arrived through the front page, then you clicked on the “Read More” link.

The “Read More” link is a little part of the new way I am writing my posts.  It gives just enough of a taste for the reader to see if they might be interested in the post.  It also makes the home page load a little more quickly.

Over the next couple of days I plan to better define my niche, my personal brand message and make sure my theme reflect this.