When it comes to backups, redundancy is a good thing.  Having more than one backup is like having a backup just in case “Plan B” fails.

Why would you have more than one backup of your data?

Backup data loss:

  • Backup media failure – (DVD, TAPE)
  • Backup hardware failure – (Hard Drive)
  • Backup media/hardware theft

How would an experienced computer user answer?

  • Do you backup your data?  (Yes/No) Yes = 25 points
  • Is it automatic? (Yes/No) Yes = 25 points
  • Where is your backup data located?  (Onsite/Offsite)  Offsite = 25 points
  • Do you backup your backup? (Yes/No) Yes = 25 points

How would you score yourself?  Did you score 100?

Ways to Backup your Backup:

  • Use 2 backup drives
  • Use 1 backup drive & remote storage

Rotating your backups:

  • Use a different external drive each week
  • Take the other drive with you offsite
  • Store the other drive in fire-proof safe
  • when the week is over swap out the drive

If the data is more critical you can change the frequency from weekly to daily or have a different drive for different days of the week.

The point is to create multiple snapshots of your data so you can reconstruct your data with minimal data loss or downtime.