Familiarity breeds contempt – an idiom that basically says, the better you know something, the less you respect it.  A simple example is like when you first learn that knives are sharp, you’re very careful not to cut yourself.  After using them for many years, you sometimes get careless and misuse or abuse them.  The end result is you might cut yourself.  I have a few scars that show when I didn’t respect knives like I should.

Sometimes, remaining in our comfort zone, repeating the same thing day after day can lead to neglect or disrespect of things we once valued.  This is something I don’t want to happen to me.  I don’t want to fall into a rut.  I want to be known as an extraordinary person of character who has a talent for writing.

Stepping out of my comfort zone – I recently decided to start doing a self-improvement program called 31DBBB (31 Days to Build a Better Blog) challenge. Click here to view more details.  This program is designed to challenge the blogger status quo.  To improve the ways bloggers do things and the blogs they create.

The program lasts for 31 days and requires a different activity for each day of the month.  I think the idea is to get the blogger out of their comfort zone and to expand their blogging horizons.  It definitely sounds like rut repellant to me 😉

Also during the 31 days there are some weekly and monthly tasks to perform as well.  It’s probably preventative maintenance.

I’m guessing during this next month you might see several unexpected kinds of posts being published on this blog.  Hopefully, you will see my blogging skills blossom into something even better than you have come to know and love 😉