When Vista was released, many Windows XP users resisted assimilation.  Microsoft tried to force Windows XP into an early grave. Then recanted as businesses resisted due to many issues that I won’t cover in this post.  Most people who did upgrade later wished they had avoided all the headaches.

Meanwhile, Netbooks have been introduced with Windows XP as their default OS.  This has breathed new life into Windows XP.  Who knows how long Windows XP will continue to live?  I hope for a long time.

Who might upgrade to Windows 7:

  • Vista users – my guess is that Vista users will quickly upgrade.  They’ve been waiting a long time to hopefully get away from the many issues they have had to deal with since upgrading to Vista.
  • Not Windows XP users – At the time of this post, the poor Windows XP users don’t have an upgrade option.  There is no upgrade path.  In order to get Windows 7 they will be forced to do a full install.

Who might do a full install of Windows 7:

  • Windows XP users – Their only option, if they plan to have Windows 7 on their PCs, is a full Windows 7 install.
  • Vista users – those that don’t want any chances of Vista creeping into their Windows 7 install
  • New PC owners – if they recently bought their PC, it probably still has Vista pre-installed.  So the best thing to do is a full install.

Who will pass on Windows 7:

  • Windows XP users – They already paid for their OS, it’s working fine.  Why would they want to pay a boat load of money to do a full install.
  • Vista users – They’ve had it with Windows and are switching to something else.
  • Mac users – Their OS is working fine for them.
  • Linux users – Their OS is working fine for them.

Who is sitting on the fence:

  • Windows XP users – They’ve been waiting for the Vista thing to be over.  They’ve heard good reports of Windows 7.  They’re waiting to see what other XP users have to say when use Windows 7.
  • Vista users – They’ve been burned before.  They’ll wait to see how their Vista colleagues are faring with their Windows 7 upgrade.

Apple Commercials – I have to mention the latest Apple commercials.  The poor PC user has a dilemma to use Windows 7 or to switch to a Mac.  During the commercial they have a flashback to broken promises.  The PC user decides not to go with Windows 7.  She instead chooses Mac.  When you think about it.  There are probably many PC users who are at that point right now.  They’re just tired of all the broken promises.  For your viewing pleasure I have included the links to the YouTube videos I found at the end of this post.  Of course, depending on where you are viewing this post, you might now be able to watch them.

What are your plans for Windows 7?

Are you going to stick with XP, Upgrade from Vista, do a Full Windows 7 install, or are you going to switch to another OS?

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