Many of us are strapped for time. We all start out like everyone else with 24 hours to spend.  Some of us, just happen to stretch our schedules to the breaking point by trying to squeeze every ounce of productivity we can into a single day.  Here are some suggestions for gaining a little more time each day.

Ways to find more time:

  1. Wake up a little earlier
    • Waking up 15 minutes earlier each day = 1.75 hours/week.
  2. Go to bed a little later
    • Going to bed 15 minutes later each day = 1.75 hours/week.
  3. Watch less TV
    • Gain 30 or 60 minutes a week by dropping a 30 minute sitcom or a 60 minute drama that’s in re-runs.
    • I use TiVo and fast forward through most of the commercials.  Of course, I still like to watch my Apple commercials 😉
  4. Preventive Maintenance
    • Regularly scheduled maintenance could save you lots of hours and dollars in more costly repairs and extra service.
    • Sometimes, taking care of a simple little thing like a low tire when it is first noticed can save you lots of problems in the future.
  5. Switch to Weekly digest for group news / status
    • Less emails to read each day.
  6. Prune unproductive forums / groups / newsletters
    • If you haven’t used or read emails from them in over 3 months, then maybe you need to pull the plug.
  7. Save your reading for downtime
    • Instead of taking that extra 15 minutes to read the paper in the morning, why not save it for during lunch or when you’re waiting for a meeting.

Do you have any suggestions?