In our daily rush to get things done we sometimes forget our brain needs to be worked out too.  If we don’t do anything mentally challenging, our brains have a tendency to forget those skills we once knew so well.  Those skills are still there, they’re just getting weaker from lack of use.  This is especially important for anyone that is in a career transition.

While doing research for this post, I stumbled across a few interesting websites I will mention in this post.

9 Ways to keep your mind sharp:

  1. Mental Arobics – If you want to get a mental workout, visit
  2. Math Word Problems –
  3. Verbal Fluency – lookup the words you don’t know manually, you know that thing called the dictionary.  I know you could look it up on the web, but it won’t give your brain the same kind of workout.
  4. Play sudoku –
  5. Play a strategy game – (Chess, Go, Othello)
  6. Learn a new skill – something you’ve never done before
  7. Read a non-fiction book – perhaps on the new skill you’re learning
  8. Teach a skill – you really need to understand the skill in order to teach someone else that same skill
  9. Feed your brain healthy diet –

Remember: Your brain is a precision instrument, keep it sharp by providing it with daily challenges.