I don’t have enough time is something I hear people say all the time.  It’s not really the truth. You need to really sit down and listen to what you’re saying to others. The message you’re sending is I won’t make the time.

Consider how much time it would actually take to sit down and pay a little attention to your loved ones. If you really love them, you need to make the time.

Here are some ways you can make the time:

  1. Send a text message 😉
  2. Send an email
  3. Post a thoughtful message on someones Facebook wall.
  4. Write a note
  5. Call on the phone
  6. Take them out for coffee or hot chocolate
  7. Go out for a walk
  8. Go out for dinner
  9. Play a board game
  10. Play a video game
  11. Go to your kids’ school activity
  12. Watch TV with them
  13. Watch a Movie with them
  14. Cuddle
  15. Schedule time for them in your busy calendar

The next time you consider how you’re going to spend your spare time, think about the message you’re sending to your family.

Remember this:

  • Parents – if they’re still living still love to hear their kids say I love you
  • Spouse / Significant other – want face time and physical interaction
  • Siblings – like to know what’s going on in your life
  • Children & Grand-children – want you to notice them, they want your undivided attention, they want to know they’re special to you

The song “Cat’s in the Cradle” is a song about spending our life chasing temporary things and teaching our children to do the same.