It’s midnight.  You’re trying to finish some documents before going off to bed.  One last document to create that is similar to one I had created the day before.  No problems, just open the file, change some information then select “Save As” option and everything will be good.  The problem is instead of clicking “Save As” option, I clicked on Save out of habit.  All that work on the previous document was replaced with the new changes.  In the past I would have been a little stressed this little mistake.

Fortunately, I have  some software that has my back.  Yesterday after I had made the changes, it made a backup of my file for me.  The software is Time Machine.  All I had to do was enter the Time Machine.  Go back to the previous day, then click on the file I had destroyed & tell Time Machine to restore it.  Within a minute my file was restored and life was good again.

I can’t tell you how important it is to backup your files.  You never know how important backups are until you need a file that has is no longer available.