Facebook has helped many people get back in touch with old friends and colleagues.  It helps us keep up to date on family news.  I don’t hate Facebook. I just think some aspects of Facebook has taken over our lives. Not in a good way either. I see people spending way too much time Playing Facebook Apps. They spend way too much time living in their virtual worlds. I think the time is right to reclaim more of our life back.

What can we do to reclaim our life? Every time we have to click and wait for something to happen we lose a little bit of time. Each second wasted is time lost. We can never get that back.

Suggested actions:

  1. Block Facebook App requests you know you’ll never use or don’t want to be tempted
    • Click on Invitation
    • Click on Block Application
  2. Hide Facebook App announcements you don’t want to see
    • Click on Hide Application to the right of the announcement
  3. Hide Friends that use Facebook like it’s a Twitter account 😉
    • Some people never read the memo on Facebook Etiquette, read the Memo to see what I’m talking about.
    • Maybe you should tell them to read this article 7 Essential Tips to Facebook Etiquette
  4. Remove Facebook Applications
    • Settings ==> Application Settings ==> (x) to remove Application
  5. Disable Notifications
    • Settings ==> Account Settings ==> Email Checkboxes (checked boxes will send emails)
    • The trick is to uncheck as many as you can, so you don’t waste time reading or deleting unnecessary emails.
  6. Use a desktop Application to monitor Facebook activity 

If you did a few of these tasks, would you reclaim some time?  Leave a reply.