It has been 90 days since I first bought my iPhone and the Otter Box to protect it.  I wrote a post about it in January, iPhone insurance aka OtterBox Defender. During this time I have probably dropped my phone more than 30 times.  I have never dropped my cell phone so many times in my whole life.  It must be related to one of Murphy’s Laws; the chance of dropping something increases with the cost of replacing it or something like that.  Here are a few of my thoughts about the Otter Box now that I’ve been living with it for a while?

Questions and Answers:

  • Would you buy an Otter Box again?
    • Absolutely, without hesitation.
  • Would you recommend the Otter Box to other iPhone owners?
    • Yes, I regularly recommend the Otter Box to new and experienced iPhone owners.
  • How much do you trust your Otter Box to protect your phone?
    • I’ve seen some people do some pretty crazy things with their Otter Box enclosed iPhones.  I’ve seen people drop them from pretty serious heights, and throw their phones against the wall without harm.  When I first bought my iPhone, the salesman demonstrated the Otter Box by intentionally dropping his iPhone face down on the floor.  That was enough to sell me.
    • I don’t go out of my way to tempt fate with my iPhone, but whenever I do drop it, I don’t even worry about it now.  I trust the Otter Box will do its job.

Some suggestions for Otter Box users:

  • Be careful to properly insert your phone in the holster with the phone oriented correctly.  This is probably my only complaint about the design.  It is not designed to go in upside down.  If you insert it upside down, your phone may drop out of the holster.  My suggestion to Otter Box, modify the design of the iPhone case or holster to allow for right-side-up or upside-down insertion.
  • Do not run with your iPhone in the holster.  The holster doesn’t hold the phone that tightly.
  • Be careful about which iPhone dock cable you get.  Not all iPhone connectors are the same.  Some connectors are slim and will work well with the Otter Box.  Other connectors are wider and assume that there is nothing obstructing the connection.  Most of these cables are after market.  The AT&T car charger iPhone dock  cable works well.  The Apple iPhone dock cable works well, too.