I recently purchased an iPhone 3GS with 16GB of memory.  This is my first iPhone and my first experience using Apple’s multi-touch interface.  I have never used an iPod touch either.  I purchased the iPhone  for the purpose of learning Objective-C, Cocoa and doing iPhone Application development.  Up until this point my experience with Smart phones has been limited to using and programming Palm OS & Windows Mobile Smart phones.  This post covers my personal experience with the iPhone.

User Interface: I am very impressed with the user interface.  It is very easy & intuitive.  I intentionally left the manual inside the 2″ x 3″ x 5.5″ box.  I wanted to see how much of the features I could access without any hints.

Display: My experience watching the high resolution 3.5″ diagonal widescreen display was great.  The screen was viewable from many different angles.

Multi-touch screen: It took a little getting used to.  But I’ve seen other people use it before, so it wasn’t too difficult to figure out. 

Sound:  The sound is very good.  I’ve listened to it with & without headphones.

Phone Service: So far, I have no complaints.  The phone is usable as a phone 🙂  I haven’t had any interruptions in service.

Connectivity Networking: The 3G network and WiFi have been reliable and easy to use.

Connectivity BLUETOOTH: I paired the iPhone with a BLUETOOTH Car Kit – Jabra Cruiser  SP710.  The pairing was flawless.  I didn’t need a manual to do this.  Of course prior knowledge of how to pair BLUETOOTH devices with phones helped.

Connectivity USB: I’m currently using it with a Windows XP computer and iTunes for updating information.  So, far so good.

GPS: I tried out the maps using the built-in GPS.  This is very cool.  Especially when you’re trying to figure out where to eat in close proximity.

Camera:  it was very easy to use.  When it launches, it asks if you want to record the location information.  Geotagging, what a great concept.

Slide Unlock: I have one issue so far.  The slide to unlock feature is inconvenient.  It’s not so easy to do it as a one handed operation.  Is it calibratable?  It would be nice if you could do a throw slider button gesture across the slider so it would be a simple operation.  This is my only complaint right now.

App Store: I have downloaded a few free apps.  So far the experience has been painless.

iTunes: I have watched some of the education videos available from Stanford University.  The audio & video quality has been excellent.

iPod: I own a lot of my CD’s.  After I figured out how to download the Albums into the iPhone they’ve been working fine.

Summary:  In a word, “WOW!!!”  My first impression of the iPhone has been an excellent experience.  I love the User Interface.  I’m still learning of course, so my opinion might change.  As I explore the features and applications, I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the experience.

To see all the details about the iPhone 3GS visit Apple iPhone Technical Specifications