When you think about protection for a cell phone you might think about insurance. That’s usually available for most cell phones, but apparenly AT&T doesn’t carry insurance for the iPhone.  Probably because it has some vulnerable areas like the entire front surface made of breakable glass.  So, how are you going to protect your invesment? I see plenty of people carrying their naked iPhones or one covered with a stylish gel cover.  I guess, I’m a little paranoid, but I see people accidentally drop their phones all the time. When I bought my iPhone, I didn’t want to become one of those statistics.  A replacement iPhone is very expensive. With that in mind, I purchased an OtterBox Defender Case & Holster.  Let’s call this case a little bit of insurance.  The Defender costs around $50 from AT&T.

Why I like the iPhone OtterBox Defender

  • It has Polycarbonate skeleton that envelopes the iPhone on all sides.
    • The skeleton surface is raised around any point that might be vulnerable to impact.
    • This is a pretty amazing design.
  • It has a clear layer that protects the Touch Screen, Camera lens & Apple Logo.
    • The clear screen protective layer is attached to the skeleton, so it provides a layer that keeps out the dust.
  • It has a silicone skin that provides some shock protection.
    • The skin also covers the audio jack & iPod connector when they’re not in use.
    • Also covered by the skin are the On/Off buttons, Silent Switch & Volume Controls

A few issues

  • The protective Touch Screen surface can capture air bubbles which obscures the view.
    • I’m not too concerned about this issue because I’ve seen the work-around on YouTube.
    • The work-around was very straight forward and appeared to resolve the issue.
  • The case increases the dimensions (4.87″ x 2.77″ x 0.8″) and weight (1.9 oz) of the phone
    • I can live with this.

I’ve had the iPhone OtterBox Defender on my phone since I purchased it a week ago.  During that time, I’ve already dropped my phone.  I’m not going to abuse it, but I’m not taking any chances either.

BTW:  Click link “iPhone OtterBox Defender Test” to see how the iPhone survives all kinds of abuse when it’s protected by the OtterBox Defender.