It has been about four weeks since I wrote about my personal fight against SPAM.  I have been using MailWasher Pro 6.5.3 as my primary tool against SPAM.  Of all the tools I’ve used so far, this one has performed better than expected.

For the first three weeks I ran it in automatic read mode but disabled the automatic delete mode.  During this learning cycle I reviewed every choice that MailWasher made. It had a lot of learning to do.  Eventually I trusted it enough to know that it was identifying SPAM correctly without false positives.  A false positive SPAM is a  real email that the software identifies as SPAM.  The main challenge with SPAM is identifying unwanted emails that look like they’re legitimate.

The default behavior that MailWasher exhibits when it is undecided is not to discard the email but to give the user a choice by presenting two buttons SPAM or Good.

The first couple of weeks, training the software, was a lot of work.  I wondered to myself if the effort was worth it.  Now that I’m on the other side of the training, I can definitely tell you that the time I invested in training the program to identify SPAM was well worth it.

I recently enabled automatic deletion of known SPAM.  Since MailWasher removes all the obvious SPAM for me I spend minutes instead hours looking through my emails.  This one feature eliminated a lot of wasted time.  Now only the valid emails appear in the queue to be processed.  If, for some reason, I suspect that an email has been incorrectly diagnosed, I can look through MailWasher’s trash and recover an email.

Now, when I am ready to read my emails I can review the MailWasher queue and make a final assessment of all the pre-screened emails.  Once I have flagged the undecided emails as SPAM or Good, I can tell MailWasher to process the email queue one more time, then tell my email reader to retrieve the remaining emails from the server.

The end result is I only spend a few minutes a week dealing with the sea of junk email. SPAM never stops. It keeps rolling in with better disguises but this tool helps make it more manageable.  It reduces the noise so the more subtle SPAM is easier to identify.

My recommendation is to give MailWasher Pro a try.  I think you’ll be happy you did.