I finally got  a chance to play with an iPhone tonight.  I was visiting Matt Beckwith from Podcast Stockton.  After I arrived, Matt was more than happy to show off his new toy.  It was beautiful.  The screen was gorgeous. He showed me some of the interesting Apps that were developed specifically for the iPad.  It was very interesting because these Apps behaved differently.  Some took advantage of the screen real estate while some others worked okay but could have used the extra space more efficiently.

Matt also showed me his iPhone Apps running on the iPad.  Then he showed me the iPhone App zoom mode that zooms an iPhone App to fill the entire iPad screen.  For some programs, games like DEMONLESS, the experience in Zoom mode was an even better experience than playing it on the iPhone which is quite small by comparison.  Some of the Apps didn’t look so nice when they were zoomed in.

He showed me other iPad Apps that were very useful.  The last App that he showed me was pretty amazing.  The one App that I never would have thought of as a perfect use for the iPad is family scheduling on a Calendar.  Matt said his family uses it to display and add events for their household.  As he was showing it off, I was thinking to myself, this is probably the most useful App of all.  Currently, my family uses a big 16″ x 22″ wall calendar to do our scheduling.  I can see my family using the iPad for scheduling and as a virtual note/message board.

Now I have one more reason to get an iPad when I can afford it 😉