Over this past weekend, my family insisted that we play some board games.  I’ve played these games hundreds of times before and was getting myself prepared for what I thought would be a boring time.  But instead of bringing out one of the old games from the closet, my daughter brought out a brand new game she had just bought from a department store.  However, it wasn’t really so new at all. The name of the game was a familiar one but the rules had been changed to make it more interesting. 

The game was “Clue.”  Apparently Clue has been updated to make the characters and the gameplay a little more interesting.  They’ve added more weapons, chance cards and a few other twists that were not in the original.  A quick look at the copyright date on the game box showed the prior version was released in 1996.  The latest version was released in 2008.  A lot changed in 12 years.  I am so glad they changed it.  Our family had a great time playing the new version of Clue.

I wonder how many other games have gone through a similar kind of facelift.