Up until recently I have been capturing my thoughts and things to do using the Notes App in my iPhone or iPad.  The Notes App has been pretty effective with the added benefit of mobile me sharing this information across the different platforms.

iPhone <-> iPad <->Mac

When it comes to managing tasks, I have seen a few Apps that allow the user to Add, Organize & Prioritize their tasks.  I’m currently using EasyTask by OrionBelt.com LLC their website is www.orionbelt.com

The iPhone & iPad EasyTask Apps are free.  So far the iPad version has been working great for me.  If  you want to do an Online Sync (Share tasks between platforms) you have to purchase a Mac or Windows version.  At the time of this writing the software was $19.99.

Does anybody have opinions on EasyTask App or an alternative that will share tasks between iPhone, iPad & (Mac / PC)?