In July 2010 I finally purchased an iPad 32GB+3G with the intent of developing applications on it.  At the time of purchase I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I have heard many people describe it as a big iPhone or iPod Touch.  Others have described it as a toy and not a real computer.  During the time I have owned it, I have been doing field research.  I have been getting familiar with the user interface and user expectations for iPad applications.  After all, if you understand how your customers are using their iPads and the Applications they desire then you might be able to meet their needs.

Here’s why I think the iPad is a tool:

  • Event Scheduling via Calendar
  • Email – Stay connected while your mobile
  • Information – access to data via internet
  • Mobile library – yes, you can read books, but you can also read PDF files.
  • While mobile, you can stay in touch with electronic publications
  • Stay informed using the Video & Audio  Player (Educational Seminars, Conferences)
  • General Business Applications (Presentation, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Video)
  • Vertical Business Applications (Customized or customizable for many specific businesses)

I have barely skimmed the surface of the many kinds of Applications available for the iPad.  Can the iPad be used for entertainment?  Yes it does and can provide hours of fun after business hours.  Does that make it a toy?  No it doesn’t.  I think it points out the versatility that the iPad has.

What do you think Tool or Toy?