Zynga the makers of FarmVille, a Facebook Application, have created another addicting Facebook Application called Café World.  It kind of sucks you in with a challenge.

The challenge is Time and resource management.  Of course you get to have some healthy competition with your Facebook friends as well.

You start off with 3 stoves, 3 serving tables, 2 dining tables and 2 chairs.  You also get a decent amount of money to decorate your Café.

Café Dishes take various times to cook and if they aren’t served in a timely manner will spoil on the stove.  Which means you have to clean up the mess and start all over again.

If you don’t plan it right you run out of hot food.  I’ve already had all the patrons get up and walk out on me because there wasn’t food ready to eat.

There are also challenges of meeting your customers’ needs.  If the customers walk in and there aren’t any empty tables,you  eventually see a though bubble with a clock in it.  Then they leave your Café unhappy.

The Solution is to add more tables and chairs.  Well, that’s part of the solution.  You still have to manage getting the food to the customers at the right time.  If you do, they’re happy and give you a thumbs up.  You know how well you’re doing by the Buzz Rating.  A Rating that indicates how popular your Café is getting with the community.  The higher it goes, the more people come to visit your Café.

The other part of the Solution can be solved with more ovens and serving tables.  This ensures you can keep up with the demand for the dishes you cook.

I heard from one of my kids it’s a little like the Sims.

You get to pick your neighbors and visit their Cafés.

Overall it’s pretty fun.  Unfortunately, there’s not much interaction between you and your friends in Café World.

Having said that, this game is for individual play.  Great, if you want your kids to have a little fun without worrying about them interacting with other people on the internet.

Have you tried it?  What do you think?  How do you like it?