The other day, I came across an article “E-mail: Communication dinosaur.” It got me thinking. How has email become a dinosaur?  The article discusses why people are moving away from email and towards other technologies for instant communication.  Then I came across another article, “Killing Email: How and Why I Ditched My Inbox

Today, while wading through the SPAM to find the emails that I care about it became crystal clear to me why so many people are moving away from email.  Email has become a burden to use because of all the SPAM.  It wastes productivity.  I think Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.Net  had it right when he wrote about ditching the inbox.  I am seriously considering a change in how I will communicate and collaborate in the future.  All I need is a workable exit strategy.  I don’t know if I can totally eliminate email, but perhaps I can create an effective SPAM avoidance policy.

Here are a few articles I have found that discuss SPAM prevention:

You can find other articles by doing a google search for “prevent SPAM”