Today I learned about an application called Evernote.  It’s a note-taking program that helps people keep track of things like pictures, notes, voice recordings, etc.  There have been many apps that keep notes, but Evernote also records geo-positioning information, so you can remember where you were when you had that epiphany.  Another amazing thing about this application is that it is not limited to one or two platforms.  It has been developed to share data across most desktop and mobile platforms.  It can share data across OS’s like Windows, Mac OS and most web browsers.  Getting access to the notes across any browser means that the data is available through practically any computer.  It can also share data across mobile platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Pixi, and Windows Mobile.

So far, from what I’ve seen and experienced, I am impressed by how it all works together.  I am surprised that they offer this application and service for FREE.  The premium version offers more features, data storage and data transfer rates for $5/month.

You can find it at