In my last post “Free online storage showdown“, I had narrowed the list of online storage provider contenders from eight to seven.  It looked like it was going to be an interesting race until the firewall got involved and handicapped all the participants except one.  One provider has spent years developing a reputation of trust and reliability.
How GoogleDocs won:

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the winner of this race by default was Google Documents aka GoogleDocs.  It didn’t win because it was the best, but because it finished the race.  How did GoogleDocs finish the race?  Google already had their foot in the door.  If it hadn’t been for their reputation, the firewall would have stopped them too.  There would have been no winners and we would all lose.  Fortunately for us, Google had already established themselves as a clear leader in the online game.  They have established themselves as a default search engine through their easy to use Google and iGoogle search pages and as an online email service provider through its gmail interface.

How to get GoogleDocs:

It’s really easy to get GoogleDocs.

  1. Create a Gmail account.
  2. Fill out the information to create an account.
  3. Sign into your Gmail Account

    Sign into your Gmail Account

  4. Select Documents link
    • In gmail you would click on the Documents link at the top.
    • SelectDocumentGmail

    • In a different google window click on the more link, then click on the Documents link.
    • SelectDocumentsMore

  5. When you see this icon, you know you’ve arrived at the GMail page.


In the next post, I will cover the basic features of GoogleDocs.