You have a lots of appointments to keep.  You need something to help you remember when to leave for your next appointment.  Wouldn’t it be great if you got a text message that told you about a meeting coming up?  Google has an App for that.

Now you can have text messages sent to your phone at a predetermined time before an event will occur.  I can see myself using this feature a lot.  This will especially be handy for reminding me about Appointments, Birthdays and Anniversaries.  Not to mention keeping me on task for ongoing activities like this blog post.

WARNING:  If you don’t have an unlimited text messaging plan, you should get one before using this feature. 

When you receive the text message reminder, it will show you Reminder: title, date, start time, end time,  location and calendar source email.  Unfortunately it doesn’t include the reminder details.  It would have been nice, but I’ll live with what Google has given us so far. Regarding the calendar source email, I can see where this feature would be helpful in knowing which email to send event notes to.

How to Setup Google Calendar Mobile SMS Messages

  1. Get a Google account
  2. Click on Settings Link
  3. Click on Mobile Settings Link
  4. Enter the Phone # you receive Text Messages on
  5. Click Send Verification Code Button
  6. Wait for Verification code to be delivered to your Text Messaging Service
  7. Enter Verification Code
  8. Click Finish Setup Button
  9. Click Save Button

How to Setup a Reminder using Google Calendar

  1. Click on the Google Calendar near day & timeslot where you want to schedule a reminder
  2. Click Edit Event
  3. Adjust your title, time & information
  4. Adjust your reminders (Email, SMS, or Popups)
  5. You can add multiple reminders if you wish (mins, hours, days, weeks)
  6. Click Save button

Do you have text messaging on your phone?  Have you tried this feature?