Yesterday while I was waiting for a meeting, I decided to visit to see what my blog looked like on my PDA. To my dismay, it didn’t even display at all. It just appeared to hang. I’m not sure if it actually hung or if it was displaying information that the PDA couldn’t handle. Whatever the case was, after a couple of minutes, I decided to reboot the PDA. This was a totally unacceptable user experience, so today I did something about it. I installed the WordPress PDA & iPhone Plugin. The installation was pretty painless. After the installation was complete, I revisited and to my delight it displayed without any issues. The user interface is straight forward and so far I have nothing but good things to say about it.

I’m thankful I had that downtime yesterday. If it wasn’t for the wait, I might never have known my website was incompatible with PDA browsers.

Now my blog is compatible with PDA browsers.

Till next time, I hope you enjoy the new PDA functionality 🙂