We had agreed on a meeting time of around 1pm.  However, when you are traveling with a group of people, you can’t exactly control when or how quickly things happen.  Since I figured I wouldn’t have to wait long, I didn’t bring anything to fill my downtime.  I didn’t even bring recreational material like magazines or books or anything.

After that experience, I decided to rethink this for the future.  You just never know when an unexpected event might cause delays.  In the future, I plan to bring a TO DO Satchel with me wherever I go.

My TO DO Satchel will have the following contents:

  1. To do lists
  2. To do materials for the high priority projects
  3. Pens & notepads
  4. Bottled water & energy bars – you never know when you’ll have to wait a really long time
  5. Latest Magazines I’m reading.
  6. Latest Book I’m reading.

Now, when delays happen, I’ll be more prepared for the next downtime opportunity.  Fortunately, I did have my cell phone with me.  The cell phone has a built-in notepad application.  I was able to use the application to record my ideas for this article.  Maybe some day in the future, I’ll get one of those iPhones to blog with.

Till next time, don’t forget to bring your downtime materials