Family Pictures

How many times have you been to a dinner, social event or even a family reunion when someone asks if you have current pictures of the family?  This happened to me a while back.  I had to admit that I didn’t have any current pictures in my wallet.

A bright idea

I decided to take my advice in my blog capture your ideas, so I brought up notepad and added the following note “todo: update picture collection in wallet”  Before I was finished typing in the note, it occured to me this is kind of silly. 

  • Your phone has a camera right?
  • Your phone can display pictures right?
  • Are you ever without your phone?
  • Most people in general, as American Express would say, “never leave home without it.”

Take your Family Album Mobile

Here are some ideas for your Mobile Famly Album

  • Sources of pictures
    • use pre-existing images, usually jpg
    • scan photos
    • scale them when necessary to fit your phone resolution
    • Take pictures with your built-in camera
  • Picture ideas
    • Your significant other
    • You with your significant other
    • Your family members
      • Your Grandparents
      • Your Parents
      • Your Children
        • Your Grandchildren
      • Your Siblings
        • Nieces & Nephews
      • Your Aunts & Uncles
        • Your cousins
      • Your Pets
    • Don’t forget your future family members too

Why didn’t I think of this a long time ago?

Till next time, “todo: update Mobile Family Album”