During my first 100 posts, I have been getting used to the routine of blogging.  I have been mainly focused on the content and not worrying about the presentation.  I have been kind of taken for granted the software called WordPress.  WordPress provides a consistent and feature rich user experience for bloggers and blog readers.

I just finished reading a book titled “WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson.”  The first half of this book was mostly a review for me.  It covered many things I had discovered the hard way.  It was good to read another point of view on WordPress.  It reinforced what I had already learned, plus I picked up some new tidbits along the journey.  The second half of WordPress for Dummies covers all the stuff under the hood; the details of WordPress themes and Plug-ins and how to customize the user experience.  This was the main reason I bought the book and wasn’t disappointed.  I have already learned many new things I plan to utilize in the future.

One of my goals for the next 100 is to focus on the user experience.

With my website I plan to:

  • Learn how WordPress themes work
  • Learn how WordPress Plug-ins work
  • Customize a WordPress them with my own style and photos
  • Develop a WordPress plug-in or two that has a great feature everybody wants and needs