Many years ago, I was an extreme perfectionist. What, you say, does that have to do with Sprinklers and Procrastination? Being a new home owner, I had never done sprinklers before. I had read many books on the subject. I had this fear that I wouldn’t live up to my own standards. I might make a mistake. The project had to be perfect, or I shouldn’t even start it. I put off the project for 6 months. I would always find some reason to avoid starting.

Finally, after many months of excuses, I started the project. Sure, I ran into a few snags along the way. The errors were few and most were fixable with a PVC coupler. As time went on I got better and faster. Once the project was completed, I pressure tested the assembly, then ran the sprinklers. The sprinklers worked exactly as designed, it wasn’t perfect, but it was functional. After, I completed the testing, I covered up the ditches where the pipes were laying and no one ever saw any of my work. All they could see were the results of my work.

I learned a few things on that project:

  • PVC is pretty forgiving.
  • PVC Couplers are your friend.
  • Most of the time no one sees your mistakes, they know it just works.
  • Perfection isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, functionality is more important.
  • Procrastination delays success.

Don’t let perfection or fear of failure get in the way of success. Stop making excuses and start being successful.

Till next time, have a great day!