Have you ever started a project and failed to finish it?  Many times you think you have great explanations for why you have not completed your projects.  The truth is most of these explanations are really excuses. This post is going to discuss some action items you can take to ensure project completion.

Action items to ensure project completion:

  1. Commit to finishing your projects
    • A significant step towards finishing a project is to make a conscious decision to complete it.
    • You need to increase the priority you give to your unfinished projects.
  2. Focus
    • Choose which project you will complete first.
    • Determine all the tasks that need to be performed in order to complete that project.
    • Concentrate your efforts on successfully completing this project.
  3. Make Time for your project
    • Place project tasks on your calendar
    • Keep distractions to a minimum; i.e.  Limit your time on Facebook Applications like:  FARKLE, FarmTown, FarmVille, Fish World to name a few.
  4. Get an accountability partner
    • An accountability partner will keep you on task.
  5. Team Work
    • Have a friend or your accountability partner help you with your project.
    • Sometimes, an accountability partner might have the same goals as you which means you can be accountable to each other  & work together as a team to finish your common goals.
    • Having another person work with you will help pass the time and the project be completed more quickly.
    • To keep making progress on your project you might occasionally need someone to keep you company while you’re working through the really boring parts of the project.

What do you think?  Will these action items help you to complete an unfinished project?  Have I missed any? Leave a reply.