I don’t know exactly when it happened, but over time I have developed a reputation.  I am recognized by others as the go-to guy.  This is not necessarily a bad reputation to have, except when people think you can solve anything.  Usually, when someone comes to me with a problem to solve, I have them describe or show me the situation.  If it’s in my domain of knowledge or expertise I will usually accept the challenge.  If it’s not, I will refer them to someone else that I feel is better suited to help resolve their issue.

Most of the time, the issues people bring to me involve some kind of technology.  Either they want advice, or they need me to fix something.  Many of these issues are related to User Interface problems.  Either the interface is non-intuitive or non-existant.  Most of these issues are relatively easy to resolve once the device is properly configured.  Since I have been using and writing software for consumer electronics for many years, most of the time, I understand what the software is supposed to be doing for the user.  Many times the user just needs to be trained in how to use the device.

However, there have been other times, when a user brings a laptop to me and says, “I don’t know what happened, please fix it”  Most of the time, there is at least one virus on the machine.

Lately I have been developing a Personal Marketing campaign.  The question comes up as to what my message is or will be.  How do I want to present myself to others, both personal and professional?  What core strengths do I want to advertise or publicize?  I’m still working the message out, but one this is for sure.  I like my reputation, so I’ll most likely capitalize the fact that I’m a go-to guy.

Till next time,  what does your reputation say about you?