I’ve known about Fog Creek Copilot for some time now, but I never really tried it before.  I knew there was an offer to use Copilot for free on the weekends, so I decided to try out Copilot today.

The method for setting up a Copilot help session is as follows:

  • Step 1 – Helper initiates help session
    • Visits Copilot.com
    • Clicks on Help Someone tab
    • Enters name
    • Clicks Go button
    • Enters the email of the person being helped
    • Downloads and runs Copilot Helper program
    • When Copilot Helper runs, it establishes a session with a remote server that will connect the two computers together.
  • Step 2 – Help Receiver accepts help session
    • Email invitation received from Fog Creek Copilot Support
    • Or Receiver contacted by phone from the helper
    • Receiver accepts invitation
      • Visits Copilot.com, clicks on the receive help tab, enters a 12 digit code the helper was given.
      • or Visits embedded link which automates the previous line
    • Download and Run Fog Creek Copilot

Once the session is established, the Helper can quickly access the issue to be resolved.

The helper can use Copilot as follows:

  • Navigate through the Receiver’s system to take appropriate action.
  • Copy files quickly from the Receiver’s system to Helper’s desktop
  • Copy files from Helper’s system to the Receiver’s desktop
  • Perform ctrl-alt-delete to reboot the system – the copilot gives the option of reconnecting automatically after the reboot occurs.

A few notes about Copilot:

  • The window displayed session remaining information in the window Title bar, so you can see how much time is left
  • The Copilot software allowed creating a session with one PC, then allowed a session with a completely different PC.  That was very useful today when I needed it.
  • I can definitely see the value in this service.  Only 2 steps and you’re connected and no worries about whether the System will allow a Remote connection or not.
  • Transferring files to/from the Helper/Receiver is easy.  Helper can do it all.
  • The pricing on this service seems reasonable, when I was doing Tech Support as part of my job I could have used a tool like this.  It would have really made my life so much easier.

I spent a couple of hours today working with someone who needed help with a PLESK control panel.  The Copilot software made the Tech Support session pretty painless.  When the connection process takes only two steps,  it’s really easy to explain.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Remote Assistance why not give Copilot a try for free on the weekend.  You never know, it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.