I recently discovered that you can remotely control iTunes on your computer using WiFi through a Free iTunes Remote App.  For me this was great news.

Why is this so great?

  • You can control the music on your iTunes from anywhere in the house.  It’s WiFi, so you don’t have to be in the same room.
  • It works with iTunes on either Windows or Mac –  I tried them both and it works like a charm.
  • If you have your computer (Windows or Mac)  hooked to your HD monitor or stereo, you can play, pause and resume the video from your iPhone.  You can also control the audio level as well.
  • You can control where you are in the show by using the show progress slider.  See User Interface Note on how to make it visible.

User Interface Note: The default view of the controller doesn’t show progress slider.  You have to click on the “show image” then the “show progress slider” visibility toggles.  Anyway, you can drag the progress slider back and forth to adjust your current place in the show.  It also has a “repeat last 10 seconds” button under the slider.  Very handy if you want to repeat a section of a lecture you were listening to.