On Saturday, March 13th, my family and I went to the Sonora Celtic Faire 2010 at the Mother Lode Fair Grounds in Sonora, California.  We have enjoyed going to the Faire over the past decade.  We watched some of the better known Celtic Bands like Wicked Tinkers, Need Fire, and Molly’s Revenge We also watched a vaudeville act by the Daredevil Chicken Club.

While outside, we heard several bag-pipe bands play,  always one of my favorite parts of the fair.  We also visited the historical reenactment village.  The weather the night before was quite wet, so everyone was walking around the puddles and muddy areas.  The whole experience makes you stop and think, how did the people of that period handle the weather.

This year we decided to listen to some of the less well known acts to see what was new. We listened to Golden Bough and one act that we really liked was Nine-8ths Irish from Sacramento, California.

There was so much to see and hear that we didn’t get a chance to see it all.  If you are ever looking for something to do around St. Patricks Day weekend, then make the effort to attend the Sonora Celtic Faire.

One band that wasn’t there, and that I really missed, was Tempest.  If you’re like me & you missed their performance, check out the Tempest Tour Dates

Tempest will be in Modesto on Saturday June 5 at the MODESTO HIGHLAND GAMES in Tuolumne River Regional Park, Modesto, California. St. Andrews Society