In Personal Marketing (Introduction) the concept of the Marketing Mix was introduced.  The first part of the Marketing Mix is Product.  Before we can even start to think of how we’re going to market a product, we need to determine what the product is.

Marketing Mix (Product)

Marketing Mix (Product)

The Product is YOU
Have you ever stopped for a moment and evaluated who you are?  What do you stand for?  Where are you going?  What is your position in today’s job market? 

All of these questions need to be answered before we can figure out the remaining P’s of the Marketing Mix.

The questions about the product YOU are addressed by doing exercises to determine your:

  • Core Values – ideals that guide your decision making process
  • Vision Statement – where you want to be
  • Mission Statement – how you are going to get to your Vision

Make sure you are honest with yourself when you define the Product YOU.  Without a good definition of the Product, the remaining P’s cannot be accurately defined.


Once we have defined the Product, we can proceed with the three remaining Market Mix P’s:

  • Place – Where are you placing your services?
  • Price – What are the factors that determine the price of your services?
  • Promotion – How to communicate your services to your customers.