Question: Is a person with a college degree qualified for the job?  No one denies that a college degree represents a formal education.  The student spends time learning theory and maybe practical application of the major their degree is in.  But, what about that person who has experienced the practical application of that job for 10+ years?  What about a person who has Transferable Skills without a degree but the natural aptitude and a willingness to learn on the job? How does an employer determine which one to hire?
Answer: WorkKeys might be the answer.

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system for measuring real-world skills. WorkKeys was developed by the ACT organization, yes they are the same organization that produces the widely accepted college entrance exam.

My Experience with WorkKeys: I took the basic WorkKeys test as part of a ceritifcation program.  It was not an easy test.  It requires concentration, critical thinking skills, reasoning skills.  The three tests I took were not impossible, but I did take up the full amount of time alloted for each test. My WorkKeys test scores exceeded the minimum scores required for my existing career choice of  “Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software.”  When you add the scores to the experience in develeloping software.  It’s a pretty good bet that hiring that person isn’t a waste of your time.

WorkKeys summary: The basic WorkKeys tests measure test taker’s skills in Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information.

There are other tests to further test essential job skills:  Applied Technology, Observation, Teamwork, Business Writing, Listening, Writing

To see more details of this assessment, visit WorkKeys Assessments from ACT

The ACT organization has compiled a list of basic WorkKeys skill levels required to perform various occupations: Average WorkKeys Scores Needed by Job Title

Reply: Do you agree that WorkKeys might be a better way to predict job performance? Would you be willing to get tested?
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