First impressions say a lot about who you are. When people visit your site for the first time.  It needs to represent the look and feel of who you are. A while back I setup a Twitter account @mrwes.  At the time, I didn’t think that much about decorating it.  I had the default blue clouds theme.  That wasn’t too bad when I started, but lately I’ve noticed that everybody seems to have a customized background. Some of them are really cool. Suddenly, it seems like, the default theme looks like the sign of a newbie. I didn’t want to look like a newbie, so I used the design option and changed the theme to something closer to my style.  The new theme I chose will do for a little while.  I have been working on what I want my Personal Brand to look like.  What icon or logo will I use? What will my message be? What will the color scheme be?  This article on Custom Twitter Backgrounds discusses things to consider while you’re deciding how you will present your brand.

Till next time, I’ll be working out the details on what my Personal Brand will look like on twitter