Google Wave

Google Wave

Another Google product that is creating a lot of buzz lately is Google’s Wave.  It is a web application that enables real time collaboration.  It’s like email, chat, review markup and editing all rolled up into a nicely done user interface.  In order to fully understand what Wave is all about you need to watch the full demonstration video 1hr 20mins long at

Fortunately for us, other people on the internet have kindly created and shared some overview videos on youtube to make it more understandable for all of us mortals to understand.

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave – 15 Features

I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.  Not for lack of trying.  Right now access is by invitation only.  I have submitted a request to be invited, but I haven’t received an invitation yet.  So far, I have seen the live demonstration.  I’ve seen it’s potential as a collaboration tool.  That was enough for me to be an adopter of this technology once it’s available.

Watch the videos & leave a reply here.  Do you think you would use Google Wave?