In any organization, some members are leaders, or supporters, while others are followers and some seem to always slow down progress. Which one are you?  If you look back on different organizations, maybe you can see yourself playing several of these roles. When you come into the presence of your organization, are members happy, relieved, irritated or stressed out? If your organization was surveyed about the value you bring to the group what would they say?

Have you ever considered how you add value to your organization?

Things to consider:

  • Are your comments constructive or destructive?
  • Are you encouraging or discouraging others?
  • Do you support others in their endeavors?
  • Are you negative or positive?
  • Are you helpful or worthless?

Your Value at Home:

To put this into perspective let’s start at home.  Assuming you live with someone, you live in an organization. What would your spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild say about the value you bring to your home?

Would they say:

  • you’re the MVP (Most Valuable Player) enumerating all the values you bring to the team.
  • you’re a Team Player that does what is expected of you.
  • you’re useless, can’t think of how you add value.

Don’t be useless.  Try to be the MVP.  At least be a Team Player.

Your Value at Work:

What if your actions at home are a reflection of your actions at work?  How you handle yourself at home might be an extension of how you handle yourself at work.  What would your Boss or Colleagues say about the value you bring to your work?

What kind of employee are you:

  • MVP (Most Valuable Player) – the team recognizes you played an integral roll in the success of the project
  • Team Player – you played a supportive roll in the success of the project
  • Deadwood – no-one remembers you helping or supporting the team to complete the project.

Never be viewed as Deadwood.  Always strive to be the MVP.  Add value in whatever you do, wherever you are.  Always be remarkable.