While searching for information on the internet, I came across this video on Job Hunting.  The title  is “Power Job Hunting – Toolkit for finding Work or Changing Jobs in Turbulent Times” – www.pennenergyjobs.com/video/john_sumser/

The video is an hour long, but well worth watching all the way through.  During the question and answer period there were some questions asked that I think many of you would like to know.  His answers were very enlightening.

At the end of the presentation he gives a list of 10 things to do.  I agree with his list.  I’m not listing it here, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The information, even though it was shot in 2008, is still applicable today.

The main idea that I took away from the video, is  “It’s not What you know, or Who you know, but Who knows you.”