Last week I was so caught up in iPhone development that I didn’t watch any of my favorite podcasts on TiVo.  This week I finally got caught up with some of them only to find out that one of my shows GeekBrief.TV had been cancelled.  I have been watching Cali Lewis for a couple of years now and was sad to see the end of the show.  To see the history behind Geek Brief TV visit

After a little digging, I discovered that Cali has joined Revision 3 with a new show called GeekBeat.TV.

I wanted to start following the new show.  The only problem was Video on Demand didn’t have the show in the lineup.  The good news is I have a TiVo HD.  TiVo HD has the ability to subscribe to RSS video feeds.  All I had to do was manually setup an RSS feed for my show.  Here is how I did it.

Setting up an RSS feed in TiVo:

  1. Go to Video on Demand Menu
  2. Select Free VOD and Web Videos
  3. Scroll down to the very end of the categories where you will find Custom RSS Feeds
  4. Select Custom RSS Feeds
  5. Select Add a new RSS Feed
  6. Enter the RSS URL
  7. Select Done entering URL

That’s it.  If it’s a valid Video RSS then TiVo will take care of the rest.

Video RSS feeds I’ve already setup:

  • Daily App Show for iPad –
  • Geek Beat TV –