Congratulations TiVo team for a job well done.

First, the user interface is so simple, anyone in my household can use it.  It isn’t complicated at all.  The audio & visual feedback help make it so easy.

Second, teaming up with Netflix to provide video on demand was such a great decision.  My wife and I have the two DVD plan.  While the discs are in transit, we can still watch movies on the big screen.

Finally, the video on demand feature from Netflix has been running flawlessly for my family since last Christmas.  My wife loves browsing Netflix for videos to  watch on our TiVo.

Of course the best thing about TiVo is the ability to pause and resume where you left off whenever we have the time.  This works the same for video-on-demand, previously recorded shows or even live TV.  I figured this out a while ago.  I’ve been telling my wife, “Hey, it’s TiVo,  it’ll be there when we get back”  She finally said it to me today.  Now that’s progress.

This one feature has brought a lot of hapiness to our house.

Till next time, keep up the great work TiVo Team