We visited 3 more cities today. 





We started the day with lunch in Jacksonville, Oregon.  Hidden inside a white building labeled DR BROOKS DRUG STORE is Jaspers Cafe.  The prices were very reasonable, the portions were generous and the food was wonderful.  I ordered a Blues Brothers Burger with the Handpressed fries.  It came with a tasty fries dipping sauce.  The meal was delicious.  The rest of my party ordered a Buckaroo Baskets with the alternate sides salad and slaw.  I sampled the sides which were tasty too.

We visited Picos Worldwide.  A little shop that sells gifts from all over the world.  There were lots of unique clothing, jewelry, crafts and other gift items to choose from.   On our way out of town we visited Country Quilts and Crafts.  The shop had several beautiful quilts on display and of course lots of quilting supplies.  My wife just loves this store.  The owner was very nice with a great sense of humor.  I’m glad we stopped in there.


The second place we visited was Harry and David in Medford, Oregon.  This is the place my wife always like to visit every time she visits Medford.  They have all kinds of fruits, jellies, chocolates, specialty foods, and gift items.  We picked up some fruit, flavored mustards and chocolates.

Butte Mill, Eagle Point, Oregon

Butte Mill, Eagle Point, Oregon

Eagle Point


The last place we visited was Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point, Oregon.  We got to see what a water powered grain mill looks like.  I wish we would have had more time to see the surrounding area of Eagle Point.  Unfortunately the temperature was so hot, almost 105 degrees Fahrenheit with over 40% humidity, that we had to stop our sightseeing for the day.  The next time we are in the area we’ll visit the points of interest.

One final observation.  Several places are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I’m not sure why this is, it limited my selection of places to visit.  In the future, I will adjust future plans accordingly.  I’ll travel on Monday & Tuesday, then plan to do sightseeing between Wednesday and Saturday.


Till next time,  don’t forget to stay hydrated