Five Bucks

My wife and I went to the movies today to see “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”  We went to the Kerasotes Showplace Theatres.  Our tickets were only $5.  Kerasotes has a special deal called the “Five Buck Club”  The only requirement to join is to give them an email address and a mailing address.  Once you provide them with this information, they will send a membership card in the mail and you will get a emails regarding feature films that are coming within a few days of the movie’s release.  You will also get a periodic email notifying you of movies that have gone to the “Five Buck Club”  These are films that no matter when they’re being shown, if you can produce a Five Buck Club membership card and $5 you will receive a ticket of admittance.  So, if you have two people and two membership cards and $10 a couple can go to the movies for not too much money.

Kerasotes Theatre

The theatre has stadium seating with very comfortable high back rocking seats.  It seems to me that every row is placed in such a way that you can view the screen from anywhere in the theatre.  No worries about tall people sitting in front of you.  The elevation between rows is pretty generous.  They use digital video technology for all of their theatres.  Every time I visit the theatres the experience has been great.  Once a movie is no longer the feature film it moves from the primary theatre to one of the smaller ones.  This is when the “Five Buck Club” kicks in.  The members gain access to these movies for only $5.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers in this article.  I just wanted to say a few words about expectations and disappointment.  When you shell out $10 per person for a movie, not to mention popcorn, etc.  You might have more expectations than if you only spent $5 per person.  Maybe they expect too much from a sequel, I don’t know.  Some people I know said it wasn’t worth the price they paid to watch the movie.  They gave some reasons I’m not going to share because I don’t want to ruin the movie for you.  I will say that maybe part of their disappointment came from spending too much for the movie.

Why I wasn’t disappointed

I usually wait until a movie has gone to DVD and then rent and watch it using Netflix.  However, every once in a while there are films that I think should be seen on the big screen.  Especially if they have lots of action scenes.  I think all the Harry Potter movies should be seen on the big screen.  If I had to pay more than $5, I probably wouldn’t have seen it.  I would have waited for the movie to be released on DVD like I usually do.  But because of the “Five Buck Club” I can afford to watch more films like Harry Potter on the big screen.  So, I was just happy to get out and enjoy the theatre and see the characters develop on the big screen.

BTW:  I plan to purchase this film sometime after it’s released on DVD.

Till next time, see the movie and Judge for yourself.