8GB cruzer

8GB Sandisk Cruzer

The other day, I received an email requesting me to download some files for a special presentation.  I figured there would be no problem.  I could copy the files to my trusty 128MB flash drive and be done with it.  Unfortunately, the combined sizes  of the 2 videos reached 163MB.  Needless to say, my poor flash drive was not up to the task.  It stopped halfway through the file transfer.  I had to find another solution.  Did I mention this happened on Black Friday?  The Deal

It turns out that there was a special on flash drives on Friday.  The special was all day, not just during the “Door-buster” time window when they give you a few hours to make your purchases in order to get the deal.  I wasn’t planning on shopping on Black Friday.  I didn’t want to deal with the insane crowds and extremely long lines.  But, since, I needed a larger flash drive and I didn’t have to fight the crowds and the price was so affordable, I finally decided to take advantage of this deal.

As I mentioned yesterday, my wife and I supported our local Waffle house while I waited for the “Door-buster” time to expire.  I figured the crowds would eventually disperse and shopping would return to a semi-normal state.

The Search

It took a little while to find the little guy.  I had to make sure it was the right one.  There was a similar 8GB -Sandisk Cruzer model.  But it was more than what I wanted to pay.  After a little searching, I finally found it.  It rang up as $14.  Can you imagine?  $14 for an 8GB flash drive.  I am still amazed by this deal.

As I started using it in my computer, it easily handled the video files I copied over.  They took up less than 2% of the drive’s capacity.  After copying over all the other files from my old flash drive it only took up 355MB or less than 5% of it’s capacity.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this room. 😉  I’m sure it will be filled up quicker than I think.

Photograph: By Wes Johnson using my DIY Macro Photo Studio 1.1.1.