Perhaps you’ve been looking back at your career and you’re asking yourself, “What happened?”  I recently listened to a job coach speech that mentioned if you’re not keeping your skills sharp, then you’re falling behind.  No wonder so many employers are looking for employees with certifications or straight out of college.  The employers expect the younger generation to be educated in the latest technology unlike the “Old Geezer” that probably hasn’t cracked a book on their field in 20+ years.  Maybe you’re one of those “Old Geezers” that was too busy working to pay attention to all the changes happening in your field.  Maybe you’re not an “Old Geezer” but you’ve noticed that your skills are becoming less essential to your employer.  What are you doing to do to add value to your current or future employer?

Questions to ask:

  • Your current position
    • Are you utilizing current technology?
    • Is your technology being phased out?
  • Informational Interviews
    • What are hiring managers looking for?
    • What are industry leaders using?
    • What skills / education do your colleagues have?
  • Job Boards
    • What skills / certifications / experience are listed on job descriptions?
  • Forums
    • What are people in your field talking about?

What to do if you discover you’re lacking skills:

  • Take a class
  • Join a club
  • Read a book (related to updating or learning the needed skill)
  • Watch Videos (YouTube has many tutorial videos)
  • Find a mentor that will help you achieve your potential